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Australia's Leading Auto Chip Tuning Provider

We are an enthusiastic team with a combined experience of over 15 years in car tuning, ECU Remapping, specialising in performance improvement optimisation. We provide customised chip tuning to help you uncover your car’s true potential and increase performance and safety on the road. You don’t have to be a race car driver to qualify for any of our services, but if you have a lead foot, you’ve come to the right place!

Our services at MCTA (Mobile Chip Tuning Australia), range from OBD-Tuning, DPF Removal, Bench Tuning to AdBlue Removal, EGR Adjustment and Turbo-hole Reduction and other remapping services. We can send customised files on request within 48 hours. We also have a great range of diesel tuning services on offer for most makes and models.

cairns chip tuning
cairns diesel tuning
cairns car tuning

When you have made the decision to tune your car with Australia’s leading provider, you will be able to deal with our highly skilled staff or one of our affiliate partners directly and at the same time receive the best of European standards and cutting-edge technology for your performance tuning needs. We offer quality remapping following safe standards and emission requirements and complimentary DPF and EGR delete when you book your car tune online – FIND YOUR CAR!

We supply optimised tuning software for a huge range of cars as almost all brands and models of most vehicles manufactured after 1998 will benefit from our car tuning services.

Come to us and get the job done right, we guarantee quality chip tuning or your money back and a lifetime warranty.

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AdBlue Removal
cairns remapping

AdBlue is a fluid (made from Urea and purified water) that is injected into the exhaust gasses, cleaning the exhaust gasses before they enter the atmosphere, essentially cleansing and reducing harmful emissions.

Performance Tuning
cairns diesel tuning

At MCTA Tuning we provide the one of the most formidable performance tuning experiences with the largest range of custom map and tune files available and an international backup of support and resources.

Diesel Tuning
cairns performance tuning

Our world class Diesel Tuning products and services for your Australian, European or even American and Korean diesel car can have the performance to make you disappear down the road in a frenzied blur of diesel powered perfection.

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105 Hartley Street, Cairns 4870, QLD Australia

We offer ECU Remapping Australia Wide


At MCTA Tuning we are the local experts when it comes to Cairns remapping with our engineering workshop producing top quality German tune files for all makes and models of cars for over 10 years. We specialise in Cairns performance tuning with our busy workshop looking after many owners of German cars such as Audi, BMW, Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz, and it is amazing how detuned these cars are from the factory. Our process is basically Cairns chip tuning which allows us to recalibrate the internal brain of your car and unlock power and torque. We also specialise in Cairns diesel tuning with many owners of cars and SUV's benefitting from the amazing torque they have the potential to deliver and even improved fuel economy. When it comes to Cairns car tuning you can't go past MCTA-Tuning - The Cairns original car tuning centre and the most experienced business of our type in the region.

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