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Speed Limiter - Cairns remapping
NO More Speeding Tickets

We at MCTA are not all about Cairns performance tuning. We can setup a speed limit that you need programmed on your Engine control unit. Preventing speeding tickets and safety on the road.

The onboard speed restriction, when modified by our Cairns chip tuning software, prevents the vehicle to over speed. Its perfect for businesses who worry about there fleets and safety on the road

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A series of sensors detect how fast you’re going, then communicate that information to the engine’s computer. Once the driver reaches a pre-determined top speed, the computer steps in and restricts the flow of air and fuel to the engine and even the sparks that cause combustion.

We strongly recommend adjusting speed limits for vehicles used in the public service sector, heavy duty vehicles, trucks and company fleets to ensure better safety on the road. Using our Cairns remapping services to achieve a speed limiting on fleet vehicles will result in a safer fleet.



AdBlue Removal
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AdBlue is a fluid (made from Urea and purified water) that is injected into the exhaust gasses, cleaning the exhaust gasses before they enter the atmosphere, essentially cleansing and reducing harmful emissions.

Performance Tuning
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At MCTA Tuning we provide the one of the most formidable performance tuning experiences with the largest range of custom map and tune files available and an international backup of support and resources.

Diesel Tuning
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Our world class Diesel Tuning products and services for your Australian, European or even American and Korean diesel car can have the performance to make you disappear down the road in a frenzied blur of diesel powered perfection.

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