Who We Are
Tobias Schneck

MCTA Tuning and Remapping Director

Born in Germany, Tobias (Toby) started his apprenticeship at 15 years of age and has a fond love of German made specialty vehicles.

As a fully qualified mechanic who has previously worked for Mercedes Benz and Bosch Service Garage repairing all German makes and models he definitely knows his way around a car and now specialises in mobile chip tuning and re-mapping.

With 23 years’ experience in this specialised industry, it makes MCTA Tuning one of the leaders in the field, Australia wide.

Toby is very hands on and available to answer your questions when you contact or e-mail MCTA Tuning.

Nadim Sheik

MCTA Tuning and Remapping Specialist

Nadim became a fully qualified mechanic in England and specialises in Mobile Chip Tuning and re-mapping alongside Toby.

Nadim provides a wealth of information on all makes and models and loves liaising with customers daily and he has a real passion for performance cars.

Being the first point of call when you phone us, our clients are assured of experience when phoning MCTA Tuning with enquiries and can certainly handle all your technical questions straight away with his wealth of knowledge as our tuning specialist.

Nadim loves his job and hearing positive feedback from all MCTA Tuning clients.



AdBlue Removal

AdBlue is a fluid (made from Urea and purified water) that is injected into the exhaust gasses, cleaning the exhaust gasses before they enter the atmosphere, essentially cleansing and reducing harmful emissions.

Performance Tuning

At MCTA Tuning we provide the one of the most formidable performance tuning experiences with the largest range of custom map and tune files available and an international backup of support and resources.

Diesel Tuning

Our world class Diesel Tuning products and services for your Australian, European or even American and Korean diesel car can have the performance to make you disappear down the road in a frenzied blur of diesel powered perfection.

Contact us

105 Hartley Street, Cairns 4870, QLD Australia

We offer ECU Remapping Australia Wide


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